Maria Wesley-Pinion

Maria Wesley-Pinion, LCSW, CSAT, Certified Couples Betrayal Recovery Therapist candidate, EMDR Trained

Clinical Specialist in Sex Addiction and Trauma


Is porn use or sexual betrayal threatening your marriage? I offer specialized therapy in a safe confidential environment for couples whose relationship has been affected by infidelity or sex/porn addiction.  I am a Certified Couples Betrayal Recovery Therapist candidate.  I am actively being trained in the most up-to-date therapy for couples recovering from infidelity and betrayal.


Has a past traumatic experience affected your life? Struggling with PTSD? From childhood abuse to domestic violence and general anxiety and depression, I am EMDR trained and can teach you the skills to regain control of your life and make you whole again.

Eating Disorders

I help people who are struggling with eating disorders and body image issues. My goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own body. With my techniques, we can work on improving your self-esteem and your health.

Meet Maria

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Maria Wesley- Pinion, LCSW, CSAT, Certified Couples Betrayal Recovery Therapist candidate, EMDR Trained

As a brave recovering partner of a sex addict, I am passionate about helping others along a similar journey of recovering from a partner’s sexual betrayal and addiction.  I am also passionate about working with men and woman struggling with sex addiction or sex and love addiction.

Besides specializing in working with sex addiction, partners, couples, and their families, I also specialize in helping individuals heal from eating disorders.

I believe it’s important for partners to be empowered…to be given all of the information so as to make the wisest, most loving choice for themselves. I believe in both partners and addicts learning about their past trauma and how it effects their intimacy with one another.

In my own training and personal recovery, I have learned that setting firm healthy boundaries with oneself and others is crucial to the healing process. I have also learned how to navigate the effects of PTSD associated with betrayal trauma as well as family of origin trauma.

Other Services

Individuals + Trauma


Individual Therapy

You've experienced a traumatic event in your life that continues to take hold of your emotions which can manifest in a lot of different ways. Let me help you navigate those feelings and guide you to a place of inner peace.


Individual Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a leading form of therapy that helps you rewrite your past traumatic experiences. I am one of the few certified therapist in the Austin area that specialize in this form of treatment.


Individual Therapy

Let's find you some peace. We'll work through the flashbacks, the rage, and all the emotional triggers that are tied to your traumatic experiences. You have an experienced partner in me-- we'll get through this together.

Body + Self-Esteem


Individual Therapy

Do you want to have a stronger sense of self worth? Do you long to have greater self confidence and simply have higher regard for yourself? I will help you access the factors that contribute to low self esteem such as childhood trauma, relationship breakdown and other stressful factors. I will help you determine the impact of these events and help you develop new, more positive beliefs about yourself.

Eating Disorder

Individual Therapy

I treat those struggling with Eating Disorders as well as related issues such as Body Image issues. I work alongside dietitians specializing in eating disorder treatment to help clients look at the mental health piece of the eating disorder as well as the nutrition piece. I work with those struggling with eating disorders from ages 13 up to adulthood.

Body Image

Individual Therapy

What if instead of hating your body, you could feel confident about your appearance. What if you could grow in acceptance and appreciation of what you see in the mirror rather than spending most of your time criticizing your appearance and obsessively comparing it to others.



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