Maria Wesley-Pinion, LCSW, CSAT, Certified Couples Betrayal Recovery Therapist candidate, EMDR

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist & Trauma Specialist
Offering Traditional and Virtual Therapy

I or someone I love needs help with......

Sex Addiction

Are you struggling with sexual behaviors you’ve promised yourself you’ll stop? Is your spouse’s porn use or sexual betrayal threatening your marriage? I offer counseling in a safe confidential environment to those struggling with Porn or Sex Addiction and their Partners.


I help people who are struggling with eating disorders and body image issues. My goal is to help you feel comfortable in your own body. With my techniques, we can work on improving your self-esteem and your health.


Has a past traumatic experience affected your life? Struggling with PTSD? From childhood abuse to domestic violence and general anxiety and depression, I am EMDR trained and can teach you the skills to regain control of your life and make you whole again.

Meet Your Partner in Healing

Maria Wesley Pinion Headshot

Maria Wesley-Pinion,
LCSW, CSAT, CCBRT candidate, EMDR Trained

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Certified Couples Betrayal Recovery Therapist candidate

As a brave recovering partner of a sex addict, I am passionate about helping others along a similar journey of recovering from a partner’s sexual betrayal and addiction.  I am also passionate about working with men and woman struggling with sex addiction or sex and love addiction.

Besides specializing in working with sex addiction, partners, couples, and their families, I also specialize in helping individuals heal from eating disorders.

I believe it’s important for partners to be empowered…to be given all of the information so as to make the wisest, most loving choice for themselves. I believe in both partners and addicts learning about their past trauma and how it effects their intimacy with one another.

In my own training and personal recovery, I have learned that setting firm healthy boundaries with oneself and others is crucial to the healing process. I have also learned how to navigate the effects of PTSD associated with betrayal trauma as well as family of origin trauma.

What I Specialize In

Sex Addiction+ Porn Addiction

Individuals + Trauma

Body + Self-Esteem

How I've Helped Others

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